1. How can I find more information about the product?

You are able to get more about our products through our official social media homepage (Instagram: @ebelle_hq / Facebook: Ebelle HQ), or find out more details from our authorized agents under the brand of Ebelle. If you have any further questions, please let us know via email ebelleassist@gmail.com

2. Which skin types are Ebelle’s products suitable for?

Our products are suitable for all skin types, products are all skin tested and specially formulated for all skin types.

3. Can I sell products on my personal website?

Products that you purchased from Ebelle are for personal use and strictly cannot be resold unless you have been authorized as Ebelle’s official agent. Agent can promote and sell Ebelle’s products on personal social platforms for profits. System will ask for customer details to ensure customers get genuine products.

4.Will Ebelle be responsible if the product I purchased is not authentic?

After investigation, if you did not place an order through our website or official Ebelle social platform account (Instagram/facebook @ebelle_hq), or the product purchased from a non-official authorized agent of the company, we are not obligated to be responsible for you.

5. How do I determine that the agent of my purchased product is officially authorized?

You may contact the company's WhatApp business number : 0106617570, customer service will confirm it for you.

6. Can I visit the offline store of Ebelle?

We welcome anyone to visit our physical store for products learning or agency consultations, our address as below:





You may contact any of our official authorized agents in advance to bring you in or contact our WhatsApp business number 0106617570 to notify in advance.

7. Can I test the product?

Yes, and it’s only available through our physical store.

We have designed an in-store testing experience so that visitors can try full range of Ebelle products in a safe and comfortable environment. We would love customers to find product that suits them before buying it. We will ensure that each product is sterilized after use and every time it is used.