1.Policy of refund return and damaged product – non-refundable return policy/exchange:

Due to the company’s process, we will not be able to change your order details (shipping address, types and quantities of product etc) once you place an order and processed the payment. We do not refund or return goods that have been shipped, unless the products are damaged and can be request for replacement of product. All product returns are limited to 30 days after payment has made. If you think the purchased product is a defective product, please contact us through WhatsApp business number: 0106617570, by providing all the detail information of the defective product as required, and send the defective product to the company for review to proceed exchange process.




 If confirms that the defect of the product is caused by the company, customer will be notify through Email and product will be exchange and send out according to the provided address within 7 working days.


  1. Transport and logistics terms

All the order packages are picked up and delivered by the transportation company or can be picked up by contacting the headquarters.

Estimate 2-3 working days,If the delivery date is a weekend or a public holiday, delivery will be delayed onto the next working day.

All parcel delivery time depends on the logistics conditions.

We cannot guarantee the estimation of delivery time and are not responsible for any costs or other expenses incurred due to delay of delivery.

We are not responsible for the packages that can’t be delivered due to incorrect delivery address or other reasons that caused by customers.

If the packages returned to the headquarters due to error of address information, customer will be contacted and bear with the costs of re-shipping.


  1. Inventory out of stock/supply exceeds demand

We will not be responsible for the delay or failure to comply with the obligations if the delay in the supply of products are caused by any reason beyond our control. We will contact and inform customers in advance if delay is under our control.. If there is a risk of serious delay, we will contact and refund any products that have been paid but not received.